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If you think the SF BART strike was bad, or the SF Muni sickout was bad, imagine NYC without the LIRR.

I loved listening to Liane Hansen on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, especially the music interviews and the puzzle with Will Shortz. In 2011, she “retired” to the Delaware coast when her contract with NPR expired. This video shows that there was a bit more to the story as Ms. Hansen talks about her struggles with depression and where things are in her life today.

SF Muni Service Disruption (Sick-out)

Update 16:28 on 06/02: A release from Muni detailing the service plan. My summary wasn’t too far off.

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It’s a pain getting around San Francisco today with about 2/3 of Muni buses and trains not running due to a widespread sick day.

Cobbling together a bunch of Tweets from @sfmta_muni:

N service running with 2-car trains, short turning at Embarcadero. Only T trains running along waterfront to Caltrain.

K/T service running with 2-car trains along entire route.

J service running with 2-car trains, but some are short-turning at 30th and Church.

M trains are changing to L trains at West Portal instead of entering subway.

Likewise, L trains are changing to M trains at West Portal instead of entering subway.

Shuttle trains are serving the Metro along with J, N and K/T trains.

F Market trains are serving the Embarcadero stretch only. Use Metro for Market St. section.

3-Jackson suspended. 

Most express and limited buses suspended. Only local service offered.

All cable cars suspended. Some shuttle buses operating.

You can use your Muni passes on BART at Daly City and at SF stations, but if you don’t have the pass that automatically includes BART (or you are using Daly City station), you have to see a station agent or you will get charged the regular BART fare in Clipper card cash.




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Things I'm grateful for: No shootouts in the playoffs.
Follow-up From the Sharks

I received a general reply from my account representative.  A friend received a bit more detailed reply to the letters about the new security policies. I will paraphrase the responses.

Essentially, they won’t turn anyone away who shows up with a reasonable bag. The metal detector and search process is likely to take longer than we have seen in the past, so we should allow plenty of time to enter the building. They are really trying to encourage people to not bring things if they can avoid it, as they are worried about potentially long lines, especially the first few games while they finalize the procedures.

For me, I think this means I’ll trim down to a messenger style bag rather than my fairly large backpack, and I’ll try to bring nothing that I don’t absolutely need during the day when I’m working. For weekend games I will take a very small bag with my iPad and phone charger. Yeah, the messenger bag gets uncomfortable if I try to walk a couple of miles, but I can live with this.

I do think this means if you want to fly in and go straight to a game with your luggage you are going to have a problem. I have done that once. :)

I appreciate the replies from the Sharks and I do feel like they are trying to work with those of us who don’t drive to the games and have some basic equipment to carry.

Letter to My Sharks Account Rep

Once again I write with concerns about the change in security procedures. While I understand that the NHL is mandating the policies, my relationship is with the Sharks. I don’t have a direct relationship with the NHL.

These policies make me have to choose between my job and the Sharks, because I have to transport my laptop with me to weeknight games and then home afterwards. I can’t leave it at the office for logistical reasons. I don’t drive to the games, I use Caltrain. There is no way to go back to my office after the game - I would miss the last train home. As I read the policy, if I show up with my laptop backpack, I will probably be denied entry. 

It’s not even clear if I could bring a small bag with an iPad for weekend games. I use the iPad to stay entertained on the 3-hour round-trip train ride. Considering that the train ride on weekends is longer than the actual game playing time, the thought of not being able to make use of that time in the manner I want is more than a little disturbing.

The thing I find annoying about this is that I have to pay for my tickets in summer and the policies in place at the time the ticket packets are mailed are acceptable. I know what is allowed, I arrive early to games so there is time for my bag to be checked, etc.  It seems unfair that partway through the season, the policy changes. At this point I could potentially have to eat several weeknight tickets if I can’t sell them or can’t make arrangements to work at home or otherwise find a safe place to store my computer bag.

While I love the Sharks, if I have to choose between my job and entertainment, it’s no choice, really.

Thanks for your consideration.

Season ticket holder since 1991, full-season ticket holder since 1993.


The biggest mistake I made with Gmail was labeling and reading messages but not archiving them. My inbox is out of control.

Berkeley Rep: The Pianist of Willesden Lane

I saw a very moving and beautiful performance at Berkeley Rep last night called “The Pianist of Willesden Lane”. It featured accomplished pianist Mona Golabek performing numerous classical piano works while narrating a story from her mother’s perspective. Her mother, Lisa Jura, was also an accomplished pianist and survivor of both the Holocaust and the London Blitz. The play is Ms. Golabek’s recounting of the many stories her mother shared while teaching her daughter to play the paino.

This show is one of my all-time Berkeley Rep favorites.  The play runs through January 5, 2014.

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Berkeley Rep Play Information

2013-2014 Season Show 2 of 7.

San Jose Sharks [7/30]

San Jose Sharks [7/30]